Quick CHC1203 Control Panel Chain Counter [FNCHC1203000A00]

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Control Panel & Chain Counter

Control panel and chain counter for operating the windlass from a distance.
Information such as: chain speed, supply voltage, depth of the lowered chain, as well as general information are clearly shown on the display. With a CAN bus interface for connecting additional devices

  • Dimensions: 102 x 102mm
  • Mounting Ø: 65mm
  • Installation depth: approx. 15mm
  • Operating voltage: 9-32 V DC

  • Automatic lowering function
  • Alarm function
  • keylock
  • Control of free-fall winches
  • Information in five different languages
  • Chain speed
  • Supply voltage
  • Depth of the lowered chain in meters or feet
General characteristics
  • LCD display, easily readable from any viewing angle
  • Various contrast settings
  • Illuminated function buttons
  • CAN bus interface for connecting additional devices

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