Nelson Naturals Crush & Brush Toothpaste

100% natural ingredients | Vegan

Simple to use toxin-free toothpaste tablet. Glass jar packaging means there is no plastic tube to add to the ever-growing plastic crisis! These little tablets are ideal for travel and use less water than traditional toothpaste.

SAILOR'S REVIEW ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This has got to be the most polarizing product of all the waste reduction methods we have used. You pretty much fall on one of two sides of the fence here and that aligns closely with how hardcore you feel about reducing your impact. Bads first: if you are looking for a traditional toothpaste experience you are going to be really disappointed. The bites don’t foam very much and, despite being labeled as mint-flavored, they don’t really taste like anything beyond taking a splash of salt spray to the face. So there is that. On the flip side, they aren’t that bad. They are strong enough to wash away the morning and coffee breath and even the harshest of our testers (Nate) admit they do leave your teeth feeling clean. If you know what you are signing up for, and don’t mind changing up the experience of your tooth-brushing routine, these are a completely functional alternative to a traditional tube of toothpaste. When compared to the toothpaste in jars the bites are much easier to use on a heaving ship, on the road or hanging out of a tent.


  1. Place tablet in mouth
  2. Crush with teeth
  3. Experience effervescent fizzing and foaming
  4. Wet brush and brush normally

Nelson Naturals products are cruelty-free, vegan, rich in minerals & Earth-friendly. The premium toothpaste is manufactured in Nelson, British Columbia Canada.

About Nelson Naturals

Kevin Hagel and Dana Di Ponio, the founders of Nelson Naturals, started manufacturing toothpaste because we were frustrated with the lack of high quality, plastic-free toothpaste available to the public. In 2012, Nelson Naturals launched with the mission of creating the best eco-friendly toothpaste formulas on the Planet. They chose reusable glass jars for the packaging of our products, to contribute to a plastic-free world. Nelson Naturals is the first plastic-free toothpaste manufacturer in the world.

Be part of the solution

Every little effort counts in the fight against plastic pollution in our oceans. Your purchase helps

💧 eliminate harmful chemicals returning to the ocean with your boat’s gray water

🐳 reduce the amount of single-use plastic being dumped into the ocean daily (and the amount of trash you have to carry on board!)

🌱 diminish negative environmental impact with carbon-neutral shipping and 100% plastic-free & recycled or upcycled packaging

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