April 14, 2020 1 min read

If you have looked at modern Marine Electronics recently you will see a lot of mention of NMEA 2000.  What is NMEA 2000 and how is it helpful to you?

NMEA - National Marine Electronics Association.  This organization is committed to enhancing the technology and safety of marine electronics through installer training and interface standards.

NMEA has developed standards around sharing data and information between various types of marine electronics that could be installed in a single vessel. 

The latest standard is NMEA 2000 as it was implemented in the year 2000.  This standard is based on the CAN protocol that was originally developed and deployed in the automotive industry to simplify electronics and installations.  


Why is NMEA 2000 important?  Well, because it allows you to have your AIS - VHF - MFD and other important electronics on your vessel share information.  

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